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Jarosław KraskaKrasbit was founded at the end of 2006 based on a passion for computer graphics, automation, programming and photography.  My experience in those fields however is based on a much longer period of work.

Everything began in the late 90s when I started with analog photography, experimented with retouching scanned images and did some graphical work as a hobby. The development of image sensors and digital photography was parallel to my studies (2001-2006) at the Institute of Automatic Control on the Silesian University of Technology.

During numerous laboratory classes on topics such as image recognition and digital signal processing, I managed to “figure out how it all works”: the moment of the image being captured by the camera’s lens and matrix, the analogue-to-digital conversion, as well as the sophisticated algorithms used to analyze and process the captured image. I had the opportunity then to write noise-reduction and edge-detection programs as well as software for the detection and recognition of objects, letters, faces and skin.  In the meantime, computer graphics was my hobby thanks to certain related business agreements.

During my studies, my work focused mainly on exploring the regulation algorithms, methods of artificial intelligence and programming of automation systems. After classes however, I discovered the more market-oriented Macromedia/Adobe Flash technology. The object-like structure and the programming language of this application is very attractive for an Automation Engineer who is used to an object-like perception of reality.

During my work on the master's thesis "An Internet-Based Mobile Control Algorithms", I fused my interests in automatic control, biotechnology, and internet technologies. The goal was to access and to visualize the state of a biological reactor placed in the laboratory of the Silesian University of Technology. It was also possible to enter settings and regulation algorithms. All this was conducted with a web-browser, remotely from any given place. I communicated and fused a number of various technologies: (OPC, Visual Basic, Macromedia / Adobe Flash, Apache HTTP Server, PHP, MySQL, XML). In 08.2006 I had successfully defended my thesis and become M. Sc. of Automation Control.

After completing my studies I opened my own business, fusing my interests in graphics, internet technologies, multimedia and automatic control. I am presently focused on enlarging the usefulness of some well-known graphical software, using my own scripts which are compatible with environment of those applications (eg. CorelDRAW and VBA) as well as their integration with external databases (eg. MySQL). For more details see products and services section of this site.


Jarosław Kraska, M. Sc. 
Krasbit CEO

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