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The chameleon® Identification Card workflow software fully automates your ID card production process.  With unique features like intelligent database integration and CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite functionality for ease in editing your card designs, your ID cards can be fully designed, data-filled, and printed from within one application. The unique intelligent database integration even automates the addition of logos and other standard design elements based on stored values in database entries.

Fully-automated workflow for ID card production

The chameleon® identification system workflow software fully automates image capture, vector graphics design, and database integration for ID card production. You can also assign design details of the ID card to be determined by field values of your database entries. For example, the background color of an ID card could be determined by the department field stored in an entry in a personnel database.

All the functionality of CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite is available in the chameleon software design environment. That means you can work with vector graphics as you design your ID cards. Complete card design, including ID photo capture, can be done from within the chameleon software workspace. The software also provides a built-in database, or integration with external database products.

The chameleon® identification system workflow product line offers unprecedented convenience and efficiency to your ID card production. Choose from four different editions of the chameleon identification system workflow software to serve the needs of your enterprise.

Last Updated on Friday, 05 November 2010 23:16