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Chameleon® Sports Studio is a photography workflow application that lets you import player data, connect photos with the data and then automatically output hundreds of personalized products for photo-gifting - all with just a few keystrokes.

Photographers can not survive on just selling photos.  The industry trend is toward re-purposing images on photo gifting products such as posters, coffee mugs, water bottles, mouse pads, blankets and thousands of other customizable items.  Chameleon® Sports Studio simplifies this process throught the use of artwork templates that you can easily edit or design yourself, pre-defined color styles and intelligent database integration that customizes products for every sport and the player's gender, language, age, team and league.  Unlike online solutions, you can produce the artwork required for these products on site within seconds of the subject's photo being taken.

Chameleon® Sports Studio will work with action-images or green-screen photography.  The intuitive interface allows you to do all of your work while photographing the subjects.  Within seconds, you can render customized order forms with the photos you have taken.  These order forms include your subject's photo on a variety of photo-gifting products so that they know exactly what it is they are purchasing.  Improve impulse buys, reduce the time you spend on each client and improve your bottom line.  Can it get any better than that?


Sports photography made easy

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New chameleon® sports photography workflow software automates image capture, production, and the sale of sports memorabilia and photo products. The green-screen image capture gives you a choice of backdrops, and you’ll have hundreds of existing artwork templates and overlays to choose from.

Personalize your images with data integration

The software offers one-click, intelligent integration with sports team management software. You can easily add custom backgrounds or team insignias to your images.

Offer made-to-order photo products from your custom-branded website

Invite your customers to visit your branded webpage to order images in their choice of sizes, formats, and layouts. Portraits and other photo-gifts such as coffee mugs, key chains, and mouse pads are drop-shipped directly to the customer.

Streamline your image production. Save time and money with the chameleon® Sports Studio solution.


Prices in US dollars.