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Krasbit Layouter is a group of VBA macros which assist with working with shapes and bitmaps and support the process of making layout and prepress for advanced multipaged publications. It is written in Visual Basic for Applications and is intended to run in a VBA environment for the CorelDRAW® application.

The author of Krasbit Layouter is: Jarosław Kraska

Krasbit Layouter in its current state is freeware. That means that you can use it legally and without any charge under the provisions of this license.


The minimum requirements:

  • CorelDRAW®, version: X3 (SP2), with installed VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) environment;
    !! Some of the macros don't work on X4 version of CorelDRAW® !! (but don't worry, next version is on the way and it will work also with X4).
    CorelDRAW® X4 users should download and install the latest Service Pack (SP2 - for CorelDRAW, due to some VBA instability (mainly storing custom data in objects) issues in CorelDRAW X4 (v. which affects the functionality of some of Krasbit Layouter macros.
  • Microsoft Windows® based operating system;
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer® web browser installed, version 7.0 or newer. (Krasbit Layouter VBA includes reference to “Microsoft Internet Controls” component)

icons of macros

The chosen features:

  • Project content optimization / prepress;
  • Quick export all project pages to JPG files with just one click;
  • Objects swapping based on chosen selection or range of pages;
  • Copying and pasting the chosen set of properties (eg. width, positionY, fill, effects...) from some objects to others in a chosen selection or page range;
  • Tools for automatically finding and optionally grouping objects of a specified type;
  • Advanced import functions;
  • Tools for resolving and restoring links of bitmaps at any time;
  • Advanced bitmap & links manager;
  • Fixing of all broken links by specifying a new prefix;
  • Working with text - automatic line breaking before specified chars;
  • Functions for smart grouping, ungrouping, copying and pasting;
  • Working with pages and templates;
  • ESO (Export Slice Objects) - to export only the chosen and marked objects from the project;

Read more about program features.


You can download latest version of Krasbit Layouter from here.



Last Updated on Friday, 19 March 2010 15:36  

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Krasbit Layouter - latest available version: 1.0.8

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