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Krasbit Layouter - download


Latest version:

The current version of Krasbit Layouter is 1.0.8

Please, read carefully the installation instructions and licence agreement before attempting to install this product


„Properties to copy” window:
- fixed issues with copy and paste effects between selected objects
- fixed paste properties to named objects macro (supports fills and outlines now)

Krasbit Layouter version history 


CorelDRAW® X4 users should download and install the latest Service Pack (SP2 - for CorelDRAW, due to some of VBA instability (mainly storing data in objects) issues in CorelDRAW X4 (v. which affects working of some of Krasbit Layouter macros.

Update from 1.0.7 to 1.0.8

You may download, unzip and replace only KrasbitLayouter.gms file.


Installation package contains both English and Polish localization. However you can provide your own native language by editing and save as new one of default localization files. See "providing the new localization" chapter of the manual for details. The additional localizations will be available to download as optional archives.

Krasbit Newsfeed

Think about displaying Krasbit Newsfeed, there is a search field now which allows you to quickly search for help for a provided name of macro which you want use or a result you want to achieve. Just enter the keywords here to get a Krasbit site with results of searching!

Krasbit Newsfeed

Download this file ( Layouter 1.0.8 (installation pack)[md5: 89E70BAA6B81C758522A4D5EF28E2D6F][Krasbit Layouter 1.0][8][ ]427 Kb29/07/13 12:44
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